Saturday, December 10, 2011

Favourites #18: Movie Girlfriends

No, I haven't stopped blogging, but the reason why there hasn't been an update for the past two days is because I ran out of scheduled posts and didn't realise it, as I was spending my time catching up on my reading as well as writing for other stuff. So by the time I did realise it, I found myself scratching my head because it's not a habit of mine to do anything creative on the eleventh hour. So I scoured the drafts I have on the shelf, gave it an update and here we go.

This was one of those entries that I decided not to publish because, well... It's a little sad, isn't it? Not that I meant to convey that I'm not attracted to ladies in real life, but these girls who came straight from the imagination of screenwriters, combined with the ideal casting never failed at making me go "aww..." But hey, at least mine is kinda healthy, and it has nothing to do with a half-dead love interest who glitters in the sun.

I'm sorry Mary Sue, I have no idea how the paparazzi found us!
And speaking of which, hell no Bella Swan won't be on the list even if it stretches to a hundred, so don't even ask. I sure would love to know who's your favourite movie girlfriends/boyfriends, so leave it in the comments section if you have the time. Just remember that it has to be someone from any movie who's looking for, or already in a relationship, and why you think they'd be perfect for you.

#5 Irene

Movie: Drive [2011]
Actress: Carey Mulligan
Irene was not on the list the first time around I set out to write it. But after watching the movie, how can I not include her? For starters, she's super adorable and demure. Two, she's a lady of few words, but not devoid of character altogether. Even though I'm not sure if we'll be great together, considering the fact I too can be very quiet in real life, which might make our dates a bore. But then again, she liked the Driver, so that must mean she's fine with guys who don't talk much, so good news for me.

#4 Leslie Burke

Movie: Bridge to Terabithia [2007]
Actress: AnnaSophia Robb
I must admit I didn't realise that I've included a preteen girl on this list, which may seem creepy at first. But hear me out, I don't mean this as in I'd love to date a thirteen year old girl if she's anything like Leslie here. As I've said in this entry, my best friend throughout my early childhood was a girl, and my relationship with her was pretty much like Jess and Leslie here. Even though our relationship was completely non-romantic (read: chaste), I still regard her as the best girlfriend I've ever had so far. So not only Leslie reminds me of her, but she also reminds me of myself when I was her age.

#3 Sam

Movie: Garden State [2004]
Actress: Natalie Portman
Ah yes, this character would probably be the runner-up if anyone decides to compile a list of what is now known as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype. Of course, any characters played by Zooey Deschanel would top that list any day, but I believe Sam from this Zach Braff directorial debut would come in second. If you're unaware, Manic Pixie Dream Girl are described as static characters who have eccentric personality quirks and are unabashedly girlish, often serving as the romantic interest for the leading male protagonist. And I say why is that such a bad thing? If ladies can dream about their impossibly perfect male specimen, why can't we have ours? Impossibly perfect female specimen, I mean.

#2 Becky Fuller

Movie: Morning Glory [2010]
Actress: Rachel McAdams
Becky Fuller is probably the only one here you'll find to be the least pathetic, because despite also being unabashedly girlish and bubbly, she feels real (enough) and it's not all that far-fetched that there can be a career woman of her sort who's not all concerned about penis her love life. Sure, she experimented with relationships every now and then, but never at the expense of her career so I think we gotta give her credit for that, don't you think?

#1 Knives Chau

Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [2010]
Actress: Ellen Wong
I saved the most pathetic for last. How thoughtful, huh? Again, including Knives Chau here does not indicate that I'd love to date a high school girl, but rather because I relish at the thought of somebody falling head over heels for me. Like a groupie. It's flattering, isn't it? In fact, I even rooted for her and I kept cursing at Scott Pilgrim for going after that purple-haired chick. I don't care if it's Mary Elizabeth Winstead, I still think Knives is a lot hotter! But unfortunately I probably have one thing in common with Scott, my radar is just as terrible as his. I wouldn't know if a girl is interested in me unless she grabs me by the crotch. But hey, I never claimed to be smart. I never was a straight-A student.

P/S: That first photo showing me and a groupie is fake.


Az said...

Ben Calder (Matthew Goode) in Chasing Liberty.

Ok, the movie is not one that I normally watch, but I think it must have been one of those times that there was nothing good on TV but hey, it was worth it.

He played as a (drop dead gorgeous, deep, blue-eyed, dark-haired) CIA agent who had to go undercover to protect this brat (Mandy Moore). Ummm... You should be able to predict how cliche the movie is.

What I like about him? Apart from his looks, he had this charm and he was such a gentleman. Then, because he was undercover, he also had this mysterious persona. And he also had a sensitive side to him, underneath his nail-hard CIA agent character. And he was/is English: his accent + voice are like, mesmerising. Ngeee...

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

I've never seen that one. But the way you described him made me wanna watch the movie :P

Ninja Turtleneck said...


pedobear alert on #4 and #1

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