Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ridley Scott's Return to Science Fiction

Movie Title: Prometheus
Release Date: June 7th, 2012 (Malaysia)
Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba

News and word-of-mouth about this movie has been circulation on the net for quite some time now, and even though not much is shrouded in secrecy, I must say I couldn't quite figure out what kind of a movie it's gonna be. Yeah, it's in the same vein as Alien [1979], but that's what I find to be rather baffling. Ridley Scott's not one to do the same thing twice. So what is it that this movie is trying to sell?

But hey, don't get me wrong, I'm excited. After all, I'm a huge fan of his works and this is him going back to the subgenre he helped define. I wonder if there will be another historical epic or period piece sometime in the future.

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