Friday, June 29, 2012

First Look at KL Zombie

I could have sworn I've posted something about KL Zombie a while ago.

Or maybe that was just a Facebook status update. I think I wanted to wait until the release of a theatrical trailer. But then I figured it's okay to save that for another day, because I feel like it's about time that I share with you what I know about this upcoming zombie flick that I am genuinely excited about for several reasons.

For starters, the Malaysian setting. (Art by Ho Sui-Jon)
Based on the FIXI novel Zombijaya by Adib Zaini, KL Zombie tells the tale of slacker Nipis who becomes a reluctant hero when a zombie outbreak robs him of the only life he knows. At the very core, that's the story, although the book was much more substantial than that. I can't say I know for a fact how many percent of the book was retained. Author Adib Zaini, who also penned the screenplay, provided a figure in an interview. But as of right now I can't quite remember.

Not that it matters anyway.

Book vs. movie is always a pointless debate. But it's baffling how people tend to get roped into it anyway. With some treating the book as some sort of a supplement to the movie, to answer questions or fill in the gaps not addressed in the movie. You're just not supposed to do that because it's kind of like trying to work a radio by reading a television manual. Hence why I turned up my nose at the likes of Ombak Rindu [2011] and The Hunger Games [2012]. But based on what I've seen and heard, I don't think that's gonna happen with KL Zombie.

You see, I had the opportunity to visit the set twice. While the on-goings behind-the-scenes is still pretty vague to me (it's like everybody's always waiting for something), I consider it a bit of a jackpot moment when director Woo Ming Jin played a rough cut of what seemed like the opening scene, as a treat for us. I won't give away what happened in it, you just gotta have to wait. *sinister laugh*

Point is, I liked what I saw.

The tone of the novel translated quite well on-screen, and the sight gag managed to make me laugh. Maybe not with the belly, but my shoulder did vibrate. But hey, even though my reviews can be downright mean, I don't think I demand much from movies. As long as they don't massacre my brain cells by being incoherent, or abuse my ears with those toing and boing sound effects serving as the "punchline" to slapstick comedy. God, I really hope there will be none of that in KL Zombie.

Alright, enough babbling. Like I said, there's no trailer released as of yet, and no release date has been given either. So for now, hear what the cast and crew of KL Zombie had to say about their experiences, and feast your eyes on some publicity stills from the movie as well. (Photos obtained from its official Facebook page). I picked some of my favourites and I have to admit, I think Zizan looks pretty cool in that getup. Excuse the watermarks, they came with the pictures.

Teaser poster

Zizan Razak as Nipis

Some of the zombie action
This one made me laugh!



PerangFilem said...

mcm nak tgk ni. kalau tak silap dari novel kan?

Mamü Vies said...

Yeap! Tapi dalam tahun depan baru keluar kot.

the malaysian diarist said...

omigosh mamu the stills look promising, I tried to get the book zombie jaya but for some reason it seems sold out, menyesal tak beli bila ada kesempatan dulu. I'll keep an eye out for the book. and man, zizan has been in EVERYTHING lately hasn't he? If the trailer's any good this may be the FIRST local movie I'd pay to actually see for a looonnngg time.

Zulfahmi said...

Will it be like Zombieland?

Mamü Vies said...

The Malaysian Diarist:
I think so too! But no worries, even if you see the movie first, I think you'll get something from the book as well, as it had a lot more content.
And yeah, I'm not really a fan of Zizan, but I don't really dislike him or anything. I just hope he won't end up being this era's Saiful Apek.

Hard to say. But judging from what I saw, this one's goofier and the humour came less from the dialogues and more on the visuals.

Anonymous said...

Oh guys, please. This movie was suck. Seriously, jangan bazir masa and duit okay.

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