Friday, September 28, 2012

No Lights. Just a Camera and "Action!"

At the risk of sounding like I have delusions of grandeur of some sort, I just wanna go on record and say - No, I haven't abandoned this blog. Though I admit you'd have a livelier time strolling through a mausoleum because it's been pretty dead around here. Heck, I can't even remember what was the routine like back when I dedicated more time on this blog.

Oh... Right.
So, where have I been? Here and there. Gone to Thailand for the most of August to work on a documentary/travelogue. Came back home to a fanfare that's big enough for a bum like me, and I've been keeping myself busy ever since. Sure, my wallet is still thinner than a slice of bread, and there's nothing in my pockets but air... But the long-lost sparkle in my eyes and the spring in my step are now back. At least I feel that way.

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