Friday, September 28, 2012

No Lights. Just a Camera and "Action!"

At the risk of sounding like I have delusions of grandeur of some sort, I just wanna go on record and say - No, I haven't abandoned this blog. Though I admit you'd have a livelier time strolling through a mausoleum because it's been pretty dead around here. Heck, I can't even remember what was the routine like back when I dedicated more time on this blog.

Oh... Right.
So, where have I been? Here and there. Gone to Thailand for the most of August to work on a documentary/travelogue. Came back home to a fanfare that's big enough for a bum like me, and I've been keeping myself busy ever since. Sure, my wallet is still thinner than a slice of bread, and there's nothing in my pockets but air... But the long-lost sparkle in my eyes and the spring in my step are now back. At least I feel that way.

You see, I won't go in depth about what happened back in 2010 and 2011 but let's just say, I was completely insufferable throughout those years. Depressed all the time.

But this year was something else. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like a eureka moment when the clock struck 12 and the calendar changed to January 1st. It was a gradual thing that started in the months leading up to 2012, when I decided not to take any more of life's bullshit, and just walked away from what made me so unhappy. I got myself out of that environment and crossed paths with a group of people who were pretty much looking for the same things;

Fellas, meet idebewe.

(from left) Me, Neddo KhanPapa King, Hani Suraya, Adib Zaini.
(Not pictured: Mama CJ)
Yes, the name means something. But you're not gonna learn it from me. I believe the more important question is what we're all about. The answer for which I can't say without feeling like something's missing. But I do know this; we're like a gang where it's normal to be weird and random. A family. Big word to use, I know. So please don't ask me how long we've known each other because the answer freaks out even us. We just... Clicked (though we're not a clique).

All I know is that I love these guys.

Remember how I said that we have similar goals and aspirations? Well, we're actually making it happen right now, slowly but surely, with the help and guidance of people who has been doing it long before us. We sure need the help, because we're mainly writers (with some other skills on the side) who never went to film school. Instead, we just did it idebewe style, which means we just followed our guts and winged it. Here, have a look at our debut; a short film entitled Conscience, starring some very *ahem* familiar faces.

Personally, what I like the most about Conscience is not really end product itself, which to a third party may seem nothing out of the ordinary. But all the work and camaraderie that went on behind the scenes told me one thing; "we can do this." That's pretty much all I took away from the experience, and that's all I need.

So yeah, if you're wondering what's been keeping me busy... Let's just say I'm on a new journey. And I'll be sure to keep you updated.


the malaysian diarist said...

wow YOU'RE alive and that's what really matters. Thanks so much for the update. I don't know about everyone else, but I actually enjoy and look forward to your reviews, entertainment news, and etc.

I am happy to hear that you're following your dreams and looking forward to the updates :) good luck in everything you do basically. You're awesome!

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Hey, thank you very much! That's mighty kind of you to say so.

It's people like you who keep this blog alive :D

jejaka anggun said...

Yea, can't wait to work with you guys. ;)

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