Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finding Love at the Bottom of the... Dustbin

This Wednesday. Don't miss it! I'll tell you why...
Director(s): Megat Sharizal & Ismail Jamaludin
Starring: Siti Saleha, Beto Kusyairy, Razif Hashim, Fauziah Nawi, Norzizi Zulkifli

It's pretty hard to find a love story that a rock n' roll dude like me (chewah!) could appreciate. No, really. If I ever make a comprehensive list of romantic movies I'm into, you'll see a pattern where none of them are larger-than-life or over-the-top. In other words, they're not something Ted Mosby would daydream about. So if you're one to roll your eyes at the mere thought of an airport chase scene, keep reading.

What is Aku, Dia & Tong Sampah?
For starters, it's not about the ghost of a dustbin that's out for vengeance. No, Aku, Dia & Tong Sampah is a telemovie that begins with main character Sharnaz standing next to a dustbin, contemplating on getting rid of what's left of her failed relationship; a bundle of love letters. She decides against it, but before she could leave the scene, she accidentally bumps into a stranger who turns out to have more in common with her than she could have ever expected.

Written by Nadia Khan, currently best known for her best-selling debut novel, Kelabu, Aku, Dia & Tong Sampah was brought to life by Playground Productions, a production house that's been around since 2009 making their television debut. It's notable to mention that they have a firm background in theater, so rest assured that the end product feels like a real movie, and not just a hastily-sewn together production starring flavour-of-the-months *cough* Neelofa *cough*.
Mamü's note:My views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those at Playground Productions. So if it just so happens that you're a fan of Neelofa, please direct your fanboy-rant towards me and no one else.
Just in case this needed to be said.
I can personally vouch for that. I've seen it, and I love it.

Love it enough to feel curious about the future (and previous) works of Beto Kusyairi and Siti Saleha, because I really like what they did here. Or maybe they have always been good actors who understand that a little subtlety goes a long way, and I just found out last Friday. Long story short, I just love the charm and simplicity of it all. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. Tune in to TV9 tomorrow at 8:30pm and let me know what you think.

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