Friday, October 19, 2012

Our 48 Hour Film Adventure

I can't believe I didn't write a damn thing about the KL 48 Hour Film Project. It was a pretty big deal for us because in a way, we "trained" for it by shooting Conscience and Puasa (unreleased as of yet) in under a day each. No, that's not meant to impress you. We were just learning how to get things done and finding out what sort of obstacles to expect before the cameras even start rolling.

Needless to say, the experience helped tremendously when the competition came along.

The outside of our base camp...
In fact, we were lucky enough that everything worked in our favour. We secured a base camp smack dab in the middle of KL, we didn't have to go anywhere else for principal photography, and although there was a major scare in post-production, everything worked out fine. More importantly, we had a bunch of friends to help us out; Fasyali "The Dragon" Fadzly, Encik Rashid, Bigg, Richard Wong, Azhar Zainal, Syed Mukhrim, Achicuka, Shaz Johar. Seriously, fellas... It would have been impossible to even get our foot in the door had it not been for your help.

My recollection regarding the experience is pretty hazy, presumably because I was on happy hormones all the time, not to mention I kept gawking at this beautiful penthouse we were allowed to shoot in (special thanks to Pn. Karimah Koh, and Nadia Khan for arranging it). One thing I can tell you, throughout the whole thing I binged on KFC (an extremely rare occurrence), and laughed too damn much. Oh... Maybe that's why I can't remember most of what happened.

Well, I do remember this one time when I conspired with the rest of the idebewe gang, to see if we could push Adib Zaini into the pool once we're done shooting. It was a success.

As for the competition itself, it was no child's play. Every team brought their A-game, and I felt intimidated looking at the posters alone. Of course, we believe in what we did, and we were just as confident as any other team. Although, after the screening I knew that I wouldn't mind losing to Scatterbrain's Ganggu, Playground ProductionsLupa! (full-length short film unavailable) and I Love Chicken Pie's Matchmen. We didn't get any accolades for what we did, but I like to think that we won something even bigger than the competition.

It's an experience the romantic in me would liken to what Guns N' Roses' took away from their disorganised "Hell Tour", when they had to hitchhike from Fresno, California to Seattle, Washington (roughly 1,500km) for a gig. From a business standpoint, it was a failure. But as my hero Duff McKagan put it, "The trip had set a new benchmark for what we were capable of, what we could and would put ourselves through to achieve our goals as a band."

I'm in the midst of designing an alternate logo...
We're not a rock n' roll band, but I'd like to think that we achieved something similar.

So without further ado, here's our entry for the KL 48 Hour Film Project, it's called Tanggapanmu. See if you can spot the subtext behind the story. It's not very subtle. At least I don't think so.

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