Saturday, December 22, 2012

Damn You, ""!

So Abduction played on TV yesterday. I tried watching it with a straight face, but dammit I kept giggling like a moron because I was reminded of this whenever Taylor Lautner was onscreen.

Which is to say, all the time. You can't really see it in that photo, but the resemblance is rather uncanny if you were to watch the movie. Especially when he furrows his eyebrows, or squints. I didn't get the chance to watch Abduction until the end, so I'm really hoping it would play again on TV pretty soon. Not because I think it's good. If anything, I think it's corny, although I did have high hopes for the movie prior to it coming out.

Naw. I just have major hots for Lily Collins. I practically grew up with her dad's music, but I love her for a different reason entirely.

Owh yeah.

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