Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Dee", Our First Telemovie

I've written quite a few things for television over the past two years. I don't think I've ever talked extensively about them, not here at least. So what makes Dee so special? I guess with most of the stuff I've done in the past, they were in the neighbourhood of ghostwriting, where I helped other people bring their vision to life. This wasn't the case with Dee.

Click on image to enlarge
It's finally coming out in a day's time! I haven't seen the final product myself. I just hope they didn't Oh My English-ed it (i.e. go crazy with sound effects and cartoon noises), even if it is made for Astro Ceria. I don't think they did, though. But hey, I'm excited regardless. If you get the chance to catch it, do let me know what you think!

Paku [2013]

Director: P. Ramesh
Writers: Alexander (original story), Shahriza Mahmud (adapted by)
Starring: Johan As'ari, Aishah Ilias, Wan Hanafi Su, Zaidi Omar, Azad Jazmin
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
Rating: Teen
Verdict: "Should have been lost in the rubble as well..."

Fahmi (Johan As'ari) and Rania (Aishah Ilias) seem to have it all. However, disaster strikes when Rania is pregnant with their second child; their apartment building collapses just when she forgets how seatbelts work and gets crushed to death inside their car. Unable to live a single day without her, he does the most logical thing he could think of, which is to try and bring her back to life with the help of a shaman, and a best friend who has no sense of self-preservation. Then other stuff happens.

What to Expect
1. Barely an unintentional comedy
2. Not scarrier [sic] than The Conjuring
3. Also, not a better love story than Twilight
4. Commendable production value
5. Waste of talents
6. Magic Indonesians
7. Godawful subtitles

What NOT to Expect
1. Actual comedy or horror

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Harry Potter In Real Life

They have a bunch of movie-characters-in-real-life videos in this YouTube channel. I'm more taken with this one because the boy's a pretty good actor.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mamü Breathes

I'm being impulsive here. Didn't plan to write, and the title isn't meant to imply anything. It's from this kickass song I listened to when I started on this entry.

I don't know since when, but I don't really want to write unless I really have something "big" to say. Well today I don't have anything "big" to say, but I figured an update is in order anyway. Not just because updates have been so few and far in between, I'm just writing this down so I won't forget. I just figured, if I don't remember what I've done, no one else will.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Marketing "Thor" to Everyday Women

Militant feminists might take issue with this, but I say it's not a shot a women's taste in movies in general. Sure, one can make a case that Katherine Heigl movie appeal to everyday women. But in the case of this trailer right here, I figure it's a joke about how studio execs think of the female audience.

I don't know. At the end of the day, it's just a joke. And it's at least kinda funny. They even got the font down right!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Balada Pencinta [2013]

Director: Khir Rahman
Writer: Khir Rahman
Starring: Johan As'ari, Siti Saleha, Azhan Rani, Syed Hussein
Genre: Drama
Rating: General
Verdict: "It's kind of a mixed bag, but what's undeniable is that it should establish Khir Rahman as one of the country's finest directors..."

Not wanting to spend the rest of his life in the underworld, Amir (Johan As'ari) decides to leave it all behind and amicably splits with his partner-in-crime (Faizal Hussein). He returns to his first love; playing music. This course of action takes him down a path where he would have to deal with his emotions the way he never has to before.

What to Expect
1. Visually-pleasing experience
2. *Top notch performances
3. Masterful direction
4. *Borderline drama Melayu story
5. Memorable and lovable cast of characters

What NOT to Expect
1. Shouty, over-the-top gangsters
Good for what it is, no less no more.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Longkai [2013]

Director: Hashim Rejab
Writer: Panel MiG
Starring: Niezam Zaidi, Along Eyzendy, Wawa Zainal, Faizal Hussein, Erra Fazira, Dira Abu Zahar
Genre: Action/Drama
Rating: General
Verdict: "As with any MiG production, Longkai is horribly and awkwardly scripted, even seems to have aspired to out-KLGangster KL Gangster, if you know what I mean..."

Uh like, tow truck drivers from two rivalling workshops take their rivalry to such unbelievable heights. Then a tudung-clad lady stalks one of the workshops, watching Faizal Hussein from afar. A couple of car crashes, I think. Then people fight. Then they fight some more. Wawa Zainal exits her school grounds. Niezam Zaidi wins her heart with a necklace. Something else must have happened after that. Then more fighting, including bizarre and out-of-place wrestling moves. Oh yeah, everything is played straight, which makes everything end up being unintentionally funny.

What to Expect
1. An abuse to one's suspension of disbelief
2. WTF moments aplenty
3. Actors hamming it up
4. Over-the-top everything
5. Plain awkward script
6. Bizarre-ness

What NOT to Expect
1. Subtlety
2. Coherence
3. Believable relationships
Unless you watch it as an unintentional comedy

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yusry's Explanation Regarding the "Vikingdom" Fiasco

On September 25th, I posted my opinion regarding the whole Vikingdom issue. I know it has kind of died down by now, and I am in no way trying to revive or prolong it. I just figured that it's only fair that I post his official response to it all. The other side of the story, if you will. I've done this already, but that was as the curator for @twt_filem on Twitter (September 23rd, 2013 - October 6th, 2013).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

That's Not Very World-Class, Yusry

Oh Yusry...

If you want to play with the big boys, then you gotta think big, or stay at home.

Before I go on, a little context. Sometime last week, I saw the much-hyped KRU Studios' production, Vikingdom. In a way, you could say that it's a follow-up to the successful Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa [2011], which I really liked (I even defended it). I think Vikingdom falls short on so many things that makes Merong Mahawangsa good, but this isn't really a review of the film, so I'll save my thoughts for later.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ghost Tits. A Clever Movie Trailer Parody

I had a good laugh watching this. It totally captured the feel of movies like The Forgotten [2004], Flightplan [2005], Passengers [2008] and other movies of that kind.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

KL Gangster 2 [2013]

Director: Syamsul Yusof
Writer: Syamsul Yusof
Starring: Aaron Aziz, Syamsul Yusof, Adi Putra, Shoffi Jikan, Zizan Razak, Rosyam Nor
Genre: Action
Rating: General
Verdict: "Twice the action, twice the gebang, twice the incoherence..."

"Boom dush bang lu gua lu gua terretetete boom lu gua lu dush dush dush."
- Ammar Hilman, a YouTube user.

What to Expect
1. Unorganised crime
2. Origin of Shark's atrocious accent
3. More shouting
4. More cartoonish and flashier gangsters
5. Good set pieces
6. Glossy visuals
7. Wealthiest gangsters evar!

What NOT to Expect
1. Finesse
2. Subtlety
3. A protagonist
More of the same thing, and most likely will not win it any new fans

"Songlap" Proves It Has Staying Power

When I gave Songlap two thumbs up nearly two years ago, I had no idea that it would have the kind of run that it has today. Just the other day (Sept 13) it premiered at the 2013 OzAsia Festival, and it will be screened again on the 22nd. Which is awesome, because I love Songlap the way Selena Gomez loves you like a love song, baby.

And I'd watch it on repeat-peat-peat-peat~♪ (You sang it, didn't you? Admit it)
This is just the latest addition to the amount of exposure Songlap has been getting and I'm really proud of it, even though I had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Sure, it's a little bittersweet for me that appreciation for (Malaysian) movies like this tend to come from abroad. But to be fair, it did snag a couple of prestigious awards here, it's just the bitter part of me had deduced that it was only because Bunohan had made a splash in Europe and the USA, and the judges didn't want to look like idiots.

But I digress.

Now in its seventh year, the festival has selected Malaysia as its central theme this year.

Hence the current look of its official website

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vikingdom to Penetrate the International (B movie) Market

Release Date: September 12th, 2013
Movie Title: Vikingdom
Director: Yusry Abdul Halim
Writer: James Coyne
Starring: Dominic Purcell, Craig Fairbrass, Natassia Malthe, Conan Stevens, Jon Foo

Though they don't quite put it like that, I think it's safe to say that's the general sentiment people have about KRU Studios' latest offering, with most of their criticisms directed at the CGI. You can't really blame them because when the first teaser trailer was released, it was cut as if to show off just how Vikingdom is (supposedly) at par with Hollywood. "Look at all the special effects," it seemed to say.

While I am not one to be too particular about CGI, I have to say I can understand where they're coming from. There really is nothing there to scream about. I mean, just look at it;

While it doesn't look quite as dated as Warcraft II, it does seem to have the charm of a late-'90s video game cutscene, doesn't it?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Zombie Outbreak in the Klang Valley

I'm not sure when did this all take place, but there was a tiny bit of a zombie outbreak in GSC cinemas in the Klang Valley. Any chance you were there when it all happened?

Note that I didn't review the film for reasons I won't disclose here. But word has it that KL Zombi is praised for its visual style and effects, while others argue that it didn't fully live up to its potential (you can partially thank the LPF for that). Well, it's doing rather well. Last I heard it has already went past the RM2 million mark after four or five days. Go catch it and later talk about it.

Maybe Grand Brilliance will hear you out should they ever decide to make a sequel.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"47 Ronin" Looks Borderline Sacrilegious

... and I'm not even Japanese.

I have no idea what this creature's supposed to be.
Movie: 47 Ronin
Release Date: December 24th, 2013
Director: Carl Rinsch
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Tadanobu Asano, Rinko Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Sanada

I don't know what made them think they need to spice up the already-interesting story of the Forty-seven Ronin with witches and CGI monsters. Seriously, the last time I was so baffled by a movie trailer was the one for Pecah. Sure, you could argue that straightforward adaptations have been done may times over in the past, but to my knowledge it has never been made at a scale as big as this.

Of course, it's too soon to make up my mind about it. After all, there's Keanu Reeves, whom I have a soft spot for. Also, there's Hiroyuki Sanada, Hollywood's go-to Japanese actor beside Ken Watanabe. Looks like there's Rinko Kikuchi as well, whom I've liked since Babel [2006], and quite recently became a household name after starring as the leading lady in the über-awesome Pacific Rim [2013].

Friday, August 16, 2013

Why the New RoboCop Will Pale in Comparison to the Original

This comic strip pretty much says it all.

Some might say it's way too early to say anything about the new RoboCop. After all, we won't be seeing it until sometime next year. However, I disagree. I had some thoughts about it back in 2011, but I didn't really dwell on it. Until last night.

So yeah, I learned that a guy named Joel Kinnaman's playing the title character, it's gonna be PG-13, and RoboCop rides a superbike now. Of course, I will go see it with an open mind. I just hope it won't turn out to be something in the vein of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [2009].

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What If the Star Wars Prequels Were Good?

The more I know, the more I realise how much the Star Wars prequels suck.

But no worries, this is not another entry blasting George Lucas for being so goddamn lazy. Instead, let's play a little "I wonder what could have been", and explore the infinite possibilities when you play around with Star Wars. Below are videos from a YouTube channel called Belated Media, and while anything would be an improvement to the prequels, this dude actually has some really interesting ideas.

Interesting enough that I actually would like to see them get made. Yes, I know it's a long shot (if not downright impossible). But like I said, let's just play along, shall we?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lemak Kampung Santan [2013]

Director: Hans Isaac
Starring: Hans Isaac, Neelofa, Harun Salim Bachik, Natasha Hudson, Awie, Khir Rahman
Genre: Drama (?), comedy (?), romance (?)
Rating: General
Verdict: "Tonally all over the place, devoid of any style whatsoever, and seems torn over what it really wants to be..."

Owner of a succesful construction firm, Ridzuan (Hans Isaac) sees an opportunity to take his firm to new heights when he takes on a project for a resort to be built in a rural area. Initially, he's completely indifferent about the people already living there, in a village called Kampung Santan. But in a twist of fate, he stumbles into the village and consequently into the lives of its inhabitants. One inhabitant in particular; a woman named Tiqa (Neelofa).

What to Expect
1. A promising start
2. A story as vague as the title (and poster)
3. Tonally all over the place
4. Less-than-satisfactory script
5. Mediocre execution

What NOT to Expect
1. To be blown away
2. Believable romance
If you have nothing to do. Not even a wife or a husband.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Might Just Be The Best Sweded Trailer I've Ever Seen

Just in case you've never seen Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind [2008], "sweded" is this internet thing inspired by the movie where fans make cheap spoof remakes of a film or its trailer. Them folks at this YouTube channel have plenty of these, but so far my favourite has got to be Pacific Rim. I completely love the movie, and this trailer is just brilliant in its own way.

Especially when you realise that it's a shot-for-shot remake of the actual trailer. If you haven't seen it, or don't remember it, I'd recommend that you watch this first, then try to figure out how they're gonna remake the shots. Make sure that you watch 'em both until the end. It's really funny.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wolverine [2013]

Director: James Mangold
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Ken Yamamura, Rila Fukushima, Tao Okamoto, Haruhiko Yamanouchi, Hiroyuki Sanada
Genre: Neo-noir/Superhero/Action
Rating: Teen
Verdict: "For the most part eschews visual effects in favour of giving this superhero story the Neo-noir treatment..."

Taking place sometime after the events of X-Men 3: The Last Stand [2006], Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is on his own again, haunted by memories only eternal life can give. He continues to live in a state of constant disorientation as his mind keeps going back and forth between past events and present time. One day, a man whose life he once saved seeks him out. Despite his misgivings, Logan travels to Japan to meet him and before long, he finds out the hard way that the man's intentions are not entirely altruistic. Unbeknownst to Logan, he is now caught in the middle of a bizarre corporate espionage.

What to Expect
1. A neo-noir feel to the movie
2. A very human superhero story
3. Masterful film-making
4. Memorable performances
5. A superhero movie of a much smaller scale
6. Unusual pacing for a superhero movie

What NOT to Expect
1. Wolverine being impervious to injuries
2. An origin story
3. Disaster porn
4. CGI porn
A superhero movie that refreshingly doesn't feel like one.

Friday, July 26, 2013

8 Reasons Why Local Movies "Suck"

An interview I tuned in to the other day reminded me of this entry, which had long been in draft form. It would have been published sooner, but at the time it seemed like such a huge statement to make, and I felt like I needed to observe and sniff around a little more. Otherwise everything I write here's gonna sound like something I pulled completely out of my ass.

Perhaps I shouldn't tell this joke...
However, that is not to say that everything I listed down here are facts. They're based on my observation, sure. But still, these are merely my opinion and therefore open for debate.

Now for the record, despite what I wrote up there as the title, I don't think local movies suck, hence the quotation marks. It’s just too general a thing to say. Not to mention it’s plain false and grossly unfair. I wrote it only in reference to the sizeable part of local movie-goers who either;

a) Have never seen a local movie (save for P.Ramlee)
b) Have sworn off local movies
c) Makes it their policy to not see local movies
d) Watch movies for the special effects

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CARGO: A Heartfelt Zombie Short Film

Released quite a while back, Cargo tells a simple story about a father who tries to protect his infant daughter during the zombie apocalypse.

While we're on the subject of zombies, the long awaited KL Zombi will finally see release on August 29th, 2013.

Friday, June 21, 2013

8 Questions I Have About "Man of Steel"

P/S: This entry contains spoilers after the jump

Superman's making a big comeback. Well, I consider it a comeback because finally it's not a Superman movie where the spotlessly-clean-cut, ridiculously-impervious-to-damage superhero is not stuck with the Sisyphean task of foiling Lex Luthor's real estate scams. So yeah, Man of Steel ended up being exactly what people thought it was gonna be when they heard Christopher Nolan was involved.

Now, as he did with the Batman franchise, Nolan's looking to super-breathe new life into Superman. Granted, he was not as involved as he was with the former, but still he played a key role together with his long-time collaborator David S. Goyer. Big names. High expectations. I guess in retrospect, it's not really a wonder why I walked away feeling like Man of Steel tried to top the bloated-as-it-is The Dark Knight Rises [2012].

So I guess that pretty much answered the question of whether or not I liked Man of Steel. I'm not gonna review it. Because I can't. Sure, the visuals were nothing short of great, as one would expect from Zack Snyder. The story, however, didn't make a lick of sense. I must stress that as indifferent as I can be about Superman, I had no intention of trashing the movie when I took my seat.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Formula to Making (Local) Box Office Successes

Featured on their Facebook page, this comic by the folks at MM Vectoristic is a funny take on the public's opinion of local movies, or at least that part of the demography that I can identify with. Also, it kinda complements this old entry of mine.

Click to enlarge.

"Tak perlu fikir banyak. Ada hantu, atau ada motor, atau ada kedua-duanya sekali. Cukup."
This is somewhat unrelated, but I feel like getting this out there anyway; I just want to say that if you're the type to say something along the lines of "Filem-filem tempatan semua bodoh la..." or "It's just my policy... I don't watch local movies.", then you better be damn sure that you're also not a fan of Scary MovieAmerican Pie or any of its ilk.

Because those are equally bad.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tokak [2013]

Director: Sabree Fadzil
Writer: Isha MJ@Baei
Starring: Faiz Raja Lawak, Abon, Julia Ziegler, Sabree Fadzil... Aw, who cares.
Genre: Nonsense
Rating: General
Verdict: "It's baffling just how bad it is, you'd be inclined to think that Tokak is just a byproduct of a scam..."

A lady screams. The story then rewinds to a lousily-written exposition, along with one out-of-place breaking the fourth wall before it gets back to the smoke-machined resort where a bunch of nothing happens for a while. A P. Ramlee impressionist farts in rapid succession while Abon's character speaks in his exaggerated Javanese accent. The killing starts soon after in the most generic way possible, where no amount tension or horror can be felt. Mr. Farts farts several more times. A pseudo-ustaz comes in because bustin' makes him feel good, and bad CGI ensues. After they killed enough characters, the movie ends. By then, even the production team have no idea what the hell they're doing, so they decide to just flat out spoil it by making the whole story available for people to read.

What to Expect
1. A cheap movie (despite its RM1.5 million price tag)
2. Cheap laughs, cheap horror
3. A somewhat amusing P. Ramlee impressionist (marred by fart jokes)
4. Bad CGI (though I'm pretty lax in this aspect)
5. The Ghostbuster Imam stock character

What NOT to Expect
1. Entertainment
2. Horror
3. Comedy
4. A coherent story
Avoid like the plague

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Overcompensating, much?

My feelings about this new Hobbit trilogy can be summed up like this; the legend of Bilbo is appropriately short just like the hobbit he is. But Peter Jackson, who loves to overdo everything, couldn't resist but strive for that level of epicness set by Return of the King back in 2003 (Good God, that was ten years ago!). If you ask me, the Lord of the Rings trilogy bowed out at the right time, i.e. at the height of its fame. Which was a good thing.

I went to see The Unexpected Journey [2012] purely out of curiosity, but also with an open mind. I didn't think it was a horrible movie, it was just really dull. Well, at least Jackson didn't lie about it. Sure, he didn't come out and say it, but it was pretty apparent that it wasn't because The Hobbit is a story that needed to be told, he's just all geeked out about shooting whole movies using those 3D cameras.

Well, here's the trailer for the next one. I probably won't go see it. I'll never say never, but I might only watch it if there's nothing else showing at the time.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Only 5 Good Things About The Twilight Saga

Twilight is the Justin Bieber of the movie world; you don't really have to get to know 'em to hate them. While certain things they say about Bieber are kind of unwarranted, I daresay Twilight deserves every insult thrown its way. For starters, Stephenie Meyer is a hack writer. The books are borderline unreadable (believe me, I tried), they go on forever without anything ever really happening, and even in movie form they're a big steaming pile of shit (yeap, I tried going through those as well).

Although I have to admit, I put a lot more effort into watching the movies.

And yes, watching the Twilight movies require effort on my part, just to sit there and watch 'em. In fact, the feeling is similar to the one I get when I (try to) watch musicals and Hindi movies.

Here's the thing, though. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; the first Twilight movie wasn't that bad. As a movie, it wasn't. But that's the thing, because it was somewhat enjoyable even to a hater like me, imagine how well it was received by casual movie-goers and of course, the Twihards. Because of that first movie, they decided to make more, and the story about a centenarian vampire stalking a teenage girl went down in history as one of the most successful romantic movies ever.

Well, it's here to stay. So we might as well find something to like about it. To date, I haven't seen anything after New Moon [2009], so I don't know if there are any hidden gems I may have missed. But as of right now, here are the five only good things about Twilight I can think of.

Spoiler: Four of them are songs.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

KIL [2013]

Director: Nik Amir Mustapha
Writer(s): Nik Amir Mustapha, Rewan Ishak, Khairulzaman Dzulkifly
Starring: Redza Minhat, Cristina Suzanne Stockstill, Hasnul Rahmat, Harun Salim Bachik
Genre: Drama
Rating: General
Verdict: "It's more hypnotic than poignant, but if it succeeds in getting you under its spell, you'd barely notice its pace, which could be trying for some..."

Akil (Redza Minhat) couldn't make up his mind which is more painful; to live, or to die. He puts up a front whenever he could, but try as he might to live a normal life, memories haunt him relentlessly. Not long after his latest attempt to kill himself, he chances upon an agency that specialises in a different brand of euthanasia; they kill suicidal people who couldn't get the job done themselves, just like Akil - he is now ready to die. What he does not count on, however, is for Zara (Cristina Suzanne) to come into his life and reignite a spark that had long faded away. He starts to warm up to the idea of giving life another chance, but it might just be too late.

What to Expect
1. A feel-good movie about a suicidal man
2. Think Garden State meets Seven Pounds
3. Hypnotic
4. Made with meticulous care
5. *Arguably trying pace

What NOT to Expect
1. An art film
2. A textbook and in-your-face MPDG
A tad shy from perfect

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Man of Steel" Poster Explained

This made me laugh out loud for real.

Speaking of which, are you excited for Man of Steel? When I first heard of it, I was just excited to know that the Russell Crowe's gonna be in it, starring as Superman's father. Then I doubted it a little when Zack Snyder signed on as director, but I quickly caught myself and remembered that Snyder's eye for visuals might just be what's needed to breathe new life in the franchise.

It's not like he wrote the screenplay, so it's all good. Here's the third trailer, in case you haven't seen it yet. I think it's the best one yet, and now I'm really stoked to see it. Man of Steel, in (Malaysian) cinemas June 13th!

P/S: Planet MamüVies is not dead, unlike Planet Krypton.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Pecah": First Impression

Though Pecah is months away from its release date, already we can hear the inevitable book vs. movie debate. Like I always say, these debates are pointless because they're apples and oranges. Unlike The Hunger Games [2012], I've read Pecah from cover to cover and despite the fruity writing style, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Still, whether or not the movie will live up to the novel is irrelevant because there's really no need for the adaptation to be slavishly faithful. It should be free to be its own thing.

Speaking of faithful adaptations, the Twilight movies were somewhat faithful (except for the first one), and look how they turned out. Anyway, before I go any further, have a look at the recently-released theatrical trailer;

Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Things That Still Pass As Comedy in Malaysia

You know, at first I thought that the only reason I've been away from this blog a lot was because I've been keeping myself busy with other forms of writing. But that's starting to smell like a lot of cowdung. I think I've inadvertently kicked the habit of blogging, and I really should re-incorporate it into the list of things I do on a regular basis. Maybe I'll try to update this blog at least three times a day, even when I don't have anything extensive to talk about.

Maybe simple movie news would do.

Today, however, I'm just gonna focus the things that still pass as comedy here, including the plethora of Raja Lawak spin-offs (and their spiritual successors too) and the common traits that they all have. So yeah, please note that I'm not saying this disparagingly. Comedy is hard, and it takes a lot of confidence to try and be funny. All I'm saying that if you're looking to write a passable comedy (at least here), feel free to incorporate any of these;

(Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sembunyi: Amukan Azazil [2013]

Director: Kabir Bhatia
Writer: Alfie Palermo
Starring: Diana Danielle, Remy Ishak, Umie Aida, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Fizo Omar
Genre: Horror
Rating: Teen (horrific images)
Verdict: "Like watching a flower that takes a little too long to blossom, but once the petals start to unfurl, whoa..."

1941. The Japanese invasion of Malaya. Aishah (Diana Danielle) tries to flee from the invading forces while her village burns behind her. Caught between the Japanese and the Royal Australian Air Force (if I'm not mistaken), it sends her further into the state of panic and disarray, and she's nearly killed when an explosion erupts not too far away from her. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in the loving care of Ibu Zain (Umie Aida) and the protection of her son, Kamal (Remy Ishak). When she sees with her own eyes that her village is no more, she warms up to the idea of making this other village her home. But behind the peaceful facade lies a terror so great, it can only be matched by the atrocities of the war.

What to Expect
1. A multi-layered story
2. A sense of mythology to the story
3. A genre movie that evolves into something bigger and better
4. To care about the characters
5. An absorbing experience

What NOT to Expect
1. Lazy screenwriting
2. For it all to be a dream
Started out as a paint-by-numbers horror flick, but ended up rising above the genre
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