Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prince of the City [2012]

Director: Roslan Hussin
Starring: Julian Cheah, Jehan Miskin, Michael Madsen, Aaron Aziz, Wan Hanafi Su, Tara Wallace
Genre: Drama (?)/Action (?)/Thriller (?)
Rating: General
Comment: "A crash course in how not to make a feature film..."

The reality of Prince Amara (Julian Cheah) is about to change forever when his adopted father's business empire is entrusted upon him. Putra Sibuyan (Jehan Miskin), the biological son of Jaggoi Sibuyan (Wan Hanafi Su) decides to give up the throne in favour of a more carefree life. Jaggoi have hopes that under Amara's leadership, the company will eventually break their ties with the underworld. But after receiving a vague threat that didn't make any sense, Putra Sibuyan becomes a different character entirely and takes over the company. Now without a family or fortune, Prince Amara stoically and expressionlessly vows to retake what was never rightfully his to begin with.

What to Expect
1. Julian Cheah giving Kristen Stewart a run for her money
2. A lead actress who thinks that she's actually in a porn flick
3. Unintentionally funny moments
4. Claustrophobia-inducing camerawork
5. The look, feel and pace of a bad soap opera
6. Scenes with Michael Madsen being the only highlights

What NOT to Expect
1. To root for the protagonist
2. A properly-budgeted movie
However, it's also important to note that it was so bad, it's good
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