Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Gila Baby"; a Road/Action/Comedy Hybrid. I Think.

I'm not at liberty to discuss much of what I know about it, but this project from Grand Brilliance caught my interest out of everything else in their "coming soon" catalogue. Don't get me wrong, they got some promising (and varied) stuff coming our way, and Gila Baby probably wouldn't even see the light of day until much later this year. Or maybe even next year, as it is still in the early stages of production. Little more than a week, if I'm not mistaken.

What I can share with you are the things already made public.

NOT the actual teaser poster. I slapped this together because I needed at least one photo...
For instance, in the director's chair is Kabir Bhatia, who rose to prominence with Cinta [2006] and Sepi [2008], though he proved that he's no one-trick pony by also making the action-driven Setem [2009], and the upcoming horror flick, Sembunyi [2013] (which deserves a blog post of its own. I'll get to that). Frankly, I'm rather excited about this because I love Setem. Sure, it was a tad draggy, but Gila Baby marks his return to the action genre, and I'm sure he's got more tricks up his sleeve.

In the lead role is Beto Kusyairy, who recently starred in the hit Rom-com Istanbul, Aku Datang! [2012] and telefilm Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah [2012]. In Gila Baby, he plays a character named Bob, a twentysomething high school dropout who learns the hard way about the downside of life. Starring alongside Beto is Nadiya Nisaa, whom I really like in Cun [2011] and Jiwa Taiko [2012], despite not being able to stomach either one as a whole.

So how does that sound? Good? Well, stay tuned to Grand Brilliance's official Twitter account for updates.

Gila Baby. That's cute. I sure hope they won't be forced to change it.


Zulfahmi said...

Is it about a person who loves to make babies?

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Perhaps. Perhaps not. *wink*

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