Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minimalist P. Ramlee Movie Posters by Fasyali Fadzly

Anyone else a fan of minimalist movie posters? Oftentimes I find them to be better than the actual posters, because of that artistic element to them, and how little they care about who's starring in it. Almost like a visual poetry of the film's logline. One example;

Seriously, if you have a couple a minutes to spare, check out the posters in the three links above. They're oh so cool. I even tried my hand in making one for the short film, Lightbulb, using what little skill I obtained before dropping out from a creative multimedia course I did a while back. What I'd like to showcase today, however, are these really cool minimalist P. Ramlee movie posters made by the Fasyali Fadzly.

I bet you'll instantly recognise them. That's how well-made they are. Dragon, I want more!

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