Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now This is Just Plain False Advertising

Just to prepare you on what's to come.

If you've seen Prince of the City, you'll find that to be one hell of a punchline. Either Julian Cheah is that vain, or he's being charmingly self-deprecating.

Thanks to an anonymous tip in my review of the craptastic Prince of the City [2012], it was pointed out to me that an American distributor actually pieced together a different trailer for its international release, as reported on its official Facebook page. I'm assuming that this is because the original trailer was so universally-loathed, they decided to fork out another 50 bucks so a first-year film school student can show 'em how to cut a trailer (citation needed).

Go on, have a looksie. I'll wait. By the way, I wonder if they re-edited the whole movie as well. Or at least clean it up a little, 'cause the version I saw was a mess!

Now... As a trailer, there was nothing wrong with it. In fact, that's how you're supposed to cut a trailer! *cough* You're supposed to sweep all the shortcomings under a rug. *cough* Okay, maybe not. It's standard practice, sure. But for me, all a trailer needs to be is the visual representation of the flick's log line. This one did the job, even though it did go overboard and just plainly lied about the actual movie.

Prince of the City had a promising premise. But the plot progression was poorly done, and the way it was all edited together made the Frankenstein monster look like Adonis. I suppose in that sense you gotta give credit to the original trailer. At least it was honest, and didn't try to make the movie out to be more than what it was; a Julian Cheah Experience.

No, he's not.
Being born to money doesn't make you smart. It just makes you lucky. Whether or not this applies to Cheah in real life as well, I can't say. But if we're talking about the character, it would have been more apt to label him as "The Useless Heir Who's Passive and Indifferent to Everything Around him. Occasionally Smirks". In what way was he smart, really? He did nothing in the movie. Everything had to be spelled out to him. When there was a threat to his life, he didn't run. Instead, he had to be dragged to a port with a cloth bag over his head.

After losing everything; his father, his fortune, his home and his woman, he decided to do absolutely nothing about it and continued with his exile. His father's go-to gangster had to fly out to France and basically told him to come back and exact revenge, or else. Even then, he was just dead weight to the thug assigned to help him. I mean, the only reason he's in the picture at all was because he's the heir to a business empire, and possibly the only guy who knew how to present a pie chart.

*gasp* Unless this role is a read-between-the-lines sort of a thing about Cheah's own place in the production? Like, the only reason he's in the main role despite his ineptitude as an actor... Was because he signed all the paychecks?

Mind. Blown.


The Malaysian Diarist said...

wow....not even the brand new trailer is gonna save this movie. it's still incredibly cringe worthy. Even the so called badassery looked fake. I think I'll go watch Aku, Dia dan Tong Sampah again. hehe.

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Indeed. People are so gonna be cheated... LOL.

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