Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Things That Still Pass As Comedy in Malaysia

You know, at first I thought that the only reason I've been away from this blog a lot was because I've been keeping myself busy with other forms of writing. But that's starting to smell like a lot of cowdung. I think I've inadvertently kicked the habit of blogging, and I really should re-incorporate it into the list of things I do on a regular basis. Maybe I'll try to update this blog at least three times a day, even when I don't have anything extensive to talk about.

Maybe simple movie news would do.

Today, however, I'm just gonna focus the things that still pass as comedy here, including the plethora of Raja Lawak spin-offs (and their spiritual successors too) and the common traits that they all have. So yeah, please note that I'm not saying this disparagingly. Comedy is hard, and it takes a lot of confidence to try and be funny. All I'm saying that if you're looking to write a passable comedy (at least here), feel free to incorporate any of these;

(Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

#5 The afro and (to a lesser extent) the dreadlock
Source (afro), Source (deadlock)
Apparently afros are funny, but not funny enough on their own. Often you will see a comedian wear an afro wig while they deliver their jokes, because... It makes the jokes funnier for some reason? I suppose just like disc scratches and other cartoon sounds, it's a way of saying, "Yes, these are jokes. You can laugh now."

#4 Attempts at sexual innuendos, although...
They just end up being crude. In a culture that values conformity and reservation, it's funny to see someone being really animated and over-the-top. For example, do a hip-thrust on camera. That's all. It's already considered a joke.

#3 Half-assed wordplays
A: "Kau darah apa?"
B: "Aku darah K."
C: "Aku darah T."
D: "Aku darah M."
A: "KTM!"
- Actual lines from an episode of Senario.
You get the idea.

#2 Anything Indian
Ever since Indians are portrayed in a humourous light in P. Ramlee movies, Indians have been the butt of every joke. From the head-bob, to their musical instruments and their traditional dance, they're all funny for some reason. Don't worry about set-ups or this thing called comedic timing, just throw an Indian stereotype in there and say something politically incorrect about him, and it's already considered comedy. If you're lucky, they'll make you a minister someday.

I love Russell Peters and Dr. Bombay though. Also, Indian movies are just begging to be made fun of.

#1 Explosive diarrhoea

On second thought, no. Just no.

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Unknown said...

Good Luck Mamu!. Loving the blog. Keep it up!

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