Friday, May 31, 2013

The Only 5 Good Things About The Twilight Saga

Twilight is the Justin Bieber of the movie world; you don't really have to get to know 'em to hate them. While certain things they say about Bieber are kind of unwarranted, I daresay Twilight deserves every insult thrown its way. For starters, Stephenie Meyer is a hack writer. The books are borderline unreadable (believe me, I tried), they go on forever without anything ever really happening, and even in movie form they're a big steaming pile of shit (yeap, I tried going through those as well).

Although I have to admit, I put a lot more effort into watching the movies.

And yes, watching the Twilight movies require effort on my part, just to sit there and watch 'em. In fact, the feeling is similar to the one I get when I (try to) watch musicals and Hindi movies.

Here's the thing, though. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; the first Twilight movie wasn't that bad. As a movie, it wasn't. But that's the thing, because it was somewhat enjoyable even to a hater like me, imagine how well it was received by casual movie-goers and of course, the Twihards. Because of that first movie, they decided to make more, and the story about a centenarian vampire stalking a teenage girl went down in history as one of the most successful romantic movies ever.

Well, it's here to stay. So we might as well find something to like about it. To date, I haven't seen anything after New Moon [2009], so I don't know if there are any hidden gems I may have missed. But as of right now, here are the five only good things about Twilight I can think of.

Spoiler: Four of them are songs.

#5 "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
From: Breaking Dawn - Part I [2011]

#4 "Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab by Cutie
From: New Moon [2009]

#3 "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
From: Twilight [2008]

#2 "Eyes On Fire" by Blue Foundation
From: Twilight [2008]

#1 How much hate it gets

I've done it, but there are many of those out there who have done an even better job than me. People who actually went through the books in spite of themselves. Well, you know... If you can't make the things you don't like go away, let them stay and find out if there's anything laughable about them. I know Robert Pattinson did.

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