Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Formula to Making (Local) Box Office Successes

Featured on their Facebook page, this comic by the folks at MM Vectoristic is a funny take on the public's opinion of local movies, or at least that part of the demography that I can identify with. Also, it kinda complements this old entry of mine.

Click to enlarge.

"Tak perlu fikir banyak. Ada hantu, atau ada motor, atau ada kedua-duanya sekali. Cukup."
This is somewhat unrelated, but I feel like getting this out there anyway; I just want to say that if you're the type to say something along the lines of "Filem-filem tempatan semua bodoh la..." or "It's just my policy... I don't watch local movies.", then you better be damn sure that you're also not a fan of Scary MovieAmerican Pie or any of its ilk.

Because those are equally bad.

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