Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mamü Breathes

I'm being impulsive here. Didn't plan to write, and the title isn't meant to imply anything. It's from this kickass song I listened to when I started on this entry.

I don't know since when, but I don't really want to write unless I really have something "big" to say. Well today I don't have anything "big" to say, but I figured an update is in order anyway. Not just because updates have been so few and far in between, I'm just writing this down so I won't forget. I just figured, if I don't remember what I've done, no one else will.

So, what have I been up to? A lot of things, to put it simply. Translation work have dwindled somewhat, which is too bad because that's where the money is, but it's all cool. My writing work has finally picked up, and I'm working on several things as we speak. Of course, I gotta keep most of 'em under wraps. But what I can tell you right now is that a telemovie Bernard Chauly, Nadia Khan and I developed (the screenplay penned by Nadia and I) will wrap up in a matter of days.

Starring in said telemovie; there's Daiyan Trisha, whose music I found impossible to dislike, despite my rock n' roll inclinations. She can act too, so that was a major relief. Also, there's Susan Manen, Mia Sara, Bront Palarae and Wafiy (another young singer), among others. There's another person in the movie whom I'm most excited about, but I'm not gonna say who just yet.

Am I excited? Hell yeah. For starters because we were allowed creative freedom. Well, maybe not total freedom, but the leash was pretty damn long. Anything's better than the good ol' just-do-as-you're-told attitude I've encountered in the past.

In other news, my pet project is now more than two years in the making. Let's see if I can get it done before this year is over.

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