Friday, January 17, 2014

Jonny Gossamer Thrillers: From the Film "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" [2005]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [2005] is one of those films that kind of fell through the cracks, which is too bad because I had plenty of laughs watching it. It's pretty unique in the sense that it's a funny noir film, you should really check it out. But before that, a little background info on the film;

Written and directed by one of my heroes: Shane Black, probably best known here for having directed (and also co-written) Iron Man 3 [2013], but his screen credits goes as far back as 1987, mostly as screenwriter. Even if you've never heard of the guy, you have seen or at least heard about his other works - Lethal Weapon [1987], The Last Boy Scout [1991] and The Long Kiss Goodnight [1996].

You might also remember him from Predator [1987], an all-time favourite movie of mine...
What makes the film so special, as with any screenplays penned by Black, is his brand of humour. This blogger says it best, "One of the things I enjoy so much about Shane Black's screenplays is that his love of reading - especially his interest in mysteries and pulp paperbacks - always manages to cut through the gunfire, explosions and wall-to-wall wisecracks, and it's what ultimately makes his work so distinctive."

The look of the film is spectacular, especially the art direction; one of the things that keep me re-watching it. I won't even try to capture it in words, but I do want to feature one aspect of it, which is a series of fake Jonny Gossamer pulp novels that serves as an important piece of the plot. Like him, I too have a huge love for reading, and my first love had always been the arts.

(Oh, by the way, I'm also looking to live out my lifelong dream of being a cartoonist, but that's a story for another blog post.)

So yeah, even though I didn't get into pulp fiction until not too long ago, I've always liked the illustrations that kind of define the "look" of these novels. They hired the legendary Robert McGinnis to paint the covers for the aforementioned Jonny Gossamer novels, and I just love them. A word of caution though, I think they're fine - it's only art, after all - but some might consider them not safe for work.

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