Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Journey to the Top

By now, you most likely would have heard that Chiu Keng Guan's The Journey has earned the top spot as the most profitable local film in Malaysian history, and I could just imagine studio execs scratching their heads in unison and wondering out loud, "How?!"

In many ways, the film went against many - if not all - of the rules stated in the How to Make a Local Film playbook. For a film that cost in the neighbourhood of RM 3 to 4 million, you'd think they'd be tied down to oh-so many demands and stipulations set by the investors; maybe they still had to bow down to some, I don't know. But from an audience perspective, it didn't seem like the vision had been tampered with.

'cause if it had, the poster might have ended up looking like this;

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Aaron Eckhart On Working With the Late Heath Ledger

A few weeks back marked the sixth year in the passing of the gone-too-soon Heath Ledger. Not that I keep track of these things, but as the world mourns the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I was reminded of him as well. Nothing to do with drugs, but everything to do with how I'm gonna miss seeing them up on the big screen.

Here's a little something I saw a while back; The Dark Knight co-star Aaron Eckhart talking about his experience working with the late Heath Ledger, and if you aren't already aware of Ledger's dedication to his craft, this will elevate it.

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