Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transformers: Will It Ever End?

Say what you want about Transformers - I don't like 'em - but they are huge money-making machines.

See what I did there? But truly, the first three Transformers movies have a combined gross of $2.6+ billion, against a budget of $700+ million plus. Numbers-wise, it's all very impressive, and perhaps the question is already answered: will the series ever end? Probably not. Not any time soon, at least. Especially now that they've brought Dinobots into the picture.

Transformers. Made up of sharp things. Weapon is a sharp thing. Now rides something sharp too.
I saw the first one when it came out, and I gave up on the series right there and then. I might have liked them if each movie didn't take two and half hours to be nothing more than carnage and CGI masturbation., when the story of all three movies could be summed up in three minutes! But hey, I shouldn't complain, right? Clearly they're not meant for me, nobody's forcing me to see 'em, and I totally didn't.

Which is why I'm amused to see them fellas at Red Letter Media put themselves through the ordeal.

The first three Transformers movies. Not one after another, but all at the same time, and a noteworthy pattern emerged.

p/s: I'm a little sad to see that Shia LaBeouf have gone off the rails the way he did. I used to look up to the fella, back in his Even Stevens days. I mean, we're about the same age, we love showbiz; and to have seen him garner a lot of success, well, it gave me hope, you know? Oh well. I suppose I could be my own role model.


Zulfahmi said...

I went into my local cinema yesterday hoping for the worse since the last three Transformers movies were all style & lack substance. Besides, many reviews mentioned that Age of Extinction sucks balls.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the movie. It's all that I expected it to be - crappy story with awesome visual effects! I think I turned off my brain & enjoyed the movie for what it is. I kept checking my watch not out of boredom but I didn't want it to end. Crazy, right?

So, now I'm actually excited that there'll be another sequel because I love Age of Extinction. I think this is the best one out of 4.

I don't know what's everyone is complaining about... It's awesome.

Mamü Vies said...

It's not an issue for me because like I said, I conceded that the Transformers series are not for me. But it tickles me that it's being unanimously panned this time. I mean, it's the worst-reviewed Transformers movie so far.

And they all seem to have the same problem with it, as we can see HERE and HERE.

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