Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lagenda Budak Setan 3 [2014]

"Director": Sharad Sharan
"Writer": Ahadiat Akashah & Jujur Prananto
Starring: Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Ayu Raudhah, Iqram Dinzly, Lisa Surihani
Genre: Unintentional Comedy
Rating: General
Verdict: "Well, legendary..."

It starts out as a horror flick where Lisa Surihani sleepwalks her way through her scene, perhaps to foreshadow the fact that it's just dream sequence. Farid Kamil, who reprises his role as Ahadiat Akashah's Mary Sue character, wakes up from this terrible dream, but not before waking up yet again. His dream-within-a-dream turns out to be an even bigger foreshadowing as his reality is actually a much bigger nightmare; by the end of the film, Faridiat Akamilshah would have crossed paths with a coconut lady in labour, a CSI Mary Poppins character, an ex-lover with a psychotic husband, and an ex-psycho who's in love with his wife.

What to Expect
1. A proper ending to this legendary series
2. Trust Fund Babies
3. Notable phoned-in performance by Lisa Surihani
4. An actual budak setan
5. Confusing timeline
6. Claustrophobic camerawork
7. Mental illness galore!

What NOT to Expect
1. Logic
2. Common sense
3. Humour
4. Romance
5. Logic
6. Common sense
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