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Lagenda Budak Setan 3 [2014]

"Director": Sharad Sharan
"Writer": Ahadiat Akashah & Jujur Prananto
Starring: Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Ayu Raudhah, Iqram Dinzly, Lisa Surihani
Genre: Unintentional Comedy
Rating: General
Verdict: "Well, legendary..."

It starts out as a horror flick where Lisa Surihani sleepwalks her way through her scene, perhaps to foreshadow the fact that it's just dream sequence. Farid Kamil, who reprises his role as Ahadiat Akashah's Mary Sue character, wakes up from this terrible dream, but not before waking up yet again. His dream-within-a-dream turns out to be an even bigger foreshadowing as his reality is actually a much bigger nightmare; by the end of the film, Faridiat Akamilshah would have crossed paths with a coconut lady in labour, a CSI Mary Poppins character, an ex-lover with a psychotic husband, and an ex-psycho who's in love with his wife.

What to Expect
1. A proper ending to this legendary series
2. Trust Fund Babies
3. Notable phoned-in performance by Lisa Surihani
4. An actual budak setan
5. Confusing timeline
6. Claustrophobic camerawork
7. Mental illness galore!

What NOT to Expect
1. Logic
2. Common sense
3. Humour
4. Romance
5. Logic
6. Common sense
Your opinion about it will be influenced by how many friends you bring with you
The Lagenda Budak Setan series is already well-known for combining glossy (enough) visuals with corny dialogue and complete lack of common sense, so who in their right mind would expect the latest installment to be any different? Nobody. Not even me. Call it unfair, but I relaxed one of my rules and walked into the theater knowing full well that it's going to be excruciating. Good thing I brought friends!

Well, simply put, it's bad. So bad, it's good. However, before I get to the good part, I have to say it's not even the most entertaining bad movie I've ever seen - that honour belongs to Bahaya Cinta [2014]. With Lagenda Budak Setan 3 (LBS3), there are extensive periods of boredom where you'd be frowning half the time, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. In some parts, even the conflicts don't go over very well.

First of all, there's the question of why are all the characters made up of psychotic trust fund babies? I say 'trust fund babies' because none of them show any hint of having a job outside their scenes, yet enjoy all the finer things in life, live in mansions and drive fancy cars. And I say 'psychotic' because, well... why do you think?

So it's like this: Whenever a character is not on screen, there's no way to know where they are in relation to each other, what are they doing; and when they do show up, it's either to lounge around fruits and freshly-squeezed juice, or there's a woman that needs a-beatin'.

All right now, the good part.

Gosh, where do I begin? I can't say I know his state of mind at any point in the making of LBS3, but it's fun to imagine co-writer Jujur Prananto going, "Fuck this movie," while adapting the source material; and later Ahadiat Akashah swooning over a romanticised version of himself. You see, like the protagonist, Ahadiat too has an affinity for fancy cars and probably think of himself as a victim of 'domestic unhappiness', if you will.

I'm not judging, nor do I have the right to discuss whether or not he has valid reasons to be unhappy. I just want to talk about LBS3 here: You see, it's pretty apparent that through these stories, he has inserted himself in there as a pure man who, because of all the things that have befallen him, have earned the right to do whatever he likes in the name of self-pity; and don't anyone dare not feel sorry for him.

Suffice to say, stories with a Mary Sue character as the protagonist tend to be self-indulgent and oh-so boring, which is why LBS3 has to take it to the next level! Joining Faridiat Akamilshah are Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Ayu Raudhah and Iqram Dinzly; who are all aren't necessarily bad actors, but must have had no choice but to ham it up so people 10 km away would be able to tell what they're feeling inside.

Well, most of the time.
Five mansions and six fancy cars later, the story ends on a strangely satisfying note because LBS3 is made in such a way that it's boring at the beginning, but gets "better" with every scene until what you get in the end is a ridiculous pile of turd. Although, author Ahadiat Akashah has been quoted saying that they couldn't cram everything from the novel into the film, which I find strange because of how hollow LBS3 ended up being.

So I guess in the book, there are actually ten mansions and twelve fancy cars.

To wrap it all up, allow me to reiterate what I said earlier: LBS3 indeed isn't the most entertaining bad movie I've ever seen, but it's also different from others of its kind. You see, the kind of badness often seen in local films often stem from either people cutting corners or just plain incompetence. In this case, it's not just incompetence. You have to work really hard to be this bad.

And what a job well done.

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Bottletops said...

Have you read the books? The second movie bored me to death that my novels are left in dust D:

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