Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nota [2015]

Director: Yasu Tanaka
Writer: Yasu Tanaka
Starring: Maya Karin, Hans Isaac, Ramli Hasan, Rin Izumi
Genre: Psychological thriller
Rating: General
Verdict: "Like watching sentient playing pieces on a board game, intimate and sprawling..."

Though still at the prime of their lives, Erin (Maya Karin) and Kamal (Hans Isaac) have failed all attempts to conceive, and it gets harder for them to cope with the fact with every passing year. Fearing that their days are finally numbered, Erin hopes to rekindle their relationship and manages to coax Kamal into going on a trip to Bako National Park, where Kamal proposed to her ten years ago. Will she succeed, or is it too late?

What to Expect
1. Atmospheric
2. A focused and scaled-down film
3. Gorgeous cinematography
4. The feel of Japanese cinema
5. Also feels somewhat dragged out
6. Shoehorned LPF-mandated ending

What NOT to Expect
1. A convoluted plot
2. Insecurity
If there's nothing better to see...
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