Friday, October 9, 2015

Love, Supermoon [2015]

Director: Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin
Writer: Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin
Starring: Nadiya Nisaa', Farid Kamil, Rita Rudaini, Anne Ngasri, Zain Hamid, Azhar Sulaiman, Razak Ahmad
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Coming-of-Age
Rating: General
Verdict: "I love you too, Supermoon!"

When Razak (Farid Kamil) and Triz (Nadiya Nisaa') meet, they have no other intention than to accompany their best friends who are dating. Who could have known that they would end up circling each other, always linked via close friends throughout their college days until that fabled day when they all reach emotional maturity.

What to Expect
1. People*
2. A treat for those with sharper eyes and ears
3. Likable cast, memorable performances
4. Superb art direction

What NOT to Expect
1. Conventional, sitcom-my humour*
2. Convoluted plot
Should easily be in your list of 2015's best films - And not just local
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