Friday, October 9, 2015

Love, Supermoon [2015]

Director: Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin
Writer: Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin
Starring: Nadiya Nisaa', Farid Kamil, Rita Rudaini, Anne Ngasri, Zain Hamid, Azhar Sulaiman, Razak Ahmad
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Coming-of-Age
Rating: General
Verdict: "I love you too, Supermoon!"

When Razak (Farid Kamil) and Triz (Nadiya Nisaa') meet, they have no other intention than to accompany their best friends who are dating. Who could have known that they would end up circling each other, always linked via close friends throughout their college days until that fabled day when they all reach emotional maturity.

What to Expect
1. People*
2. A treat for those with sharper eyes and ears
3. Likable cast, memorable performances
4. Superb art direction

What NOT to Expect
1. Conventional, sitcom-my humour*
2. Convoluted plot
Should easily be in your list of 2015's best films - And not just local
Part of Love, Supermoon's marketing is to push the idea that it's the "funniest romantic comedy of the year". A bold claim that sounds like it came from someone who had spent way too much time on the moon; so yeah, you might be tempted to either react with skepticism or scorn. You could even be forgiven for it, though you might walk away feeling gladly proven wrong because Love, Supermoon could very well be exactly what it claims to be!

It's a welcome trend, I find, that despite the piss-poor box office performance of local films, we have a string of 'proper films' as of late. Now, when I say 'proper' films, I mean films that look, sound and feel like films; from as far back as Kami Histeria [2014], to the award-winning Lelaki Harapan Dunia [2015].

You'll find that Love, Supermoon would make a fine addition to such a list (though it's far more accessible and "mainstream"). All gorgeous, all made with love and care, and differences in opinion will only come down to a matter of personal preference.

Though we can all agree that Triz's car is hideous and... tacky.
Okay, so that's how the film fits in the big picture. But what does it mean to us: the audience, who shouldn't have to care about the grand scheme of things? We, who simply would like to shell out money in exchange for a good piece of entertainment without the guilt-trip that how we spend our hard-earned time and money could either make or break the industry... because, come on. Really?

Well, Love, Supermoon is exactly that. A good piece of entertainment. It tells a story that our generation could relate to. It's warm, it's charming, and it's a rom-com that eclipses the likes of Istanbul, Aku Datang [2012] and all other rom-coms in recent memory.

Even if you may need about 10 minutes to acclimatise yourself to the tone of the movie.
How? Well for starters, the deceivingly ho-hum premise is followed through with near perfect execution, like a rose blooming from bud to flower. You have two people who seems incompatible, though they're always one degree of separation away from each other. They fight, they grow; they fight and they grow. Nothing groundbreaking here, but you wouldn't want the grounds to be broken either.

Because, you know, some storytellers try so hard to break new grounds, their stories and characters tend to either fall through the cracks, or gets swallowed whole altogether. You wouldn't want that to happen here because the characters in Love, Supermoon could easily be your friends, or people you've rubbed shoulders with.

It's brilliant how they do it. Oftentimes you have rom-coms that seem to be aware that they have to put on a show, being characters in a movie projected onto the silver screen and all. But not here. Characters interact the way we do, exploring themes like gender and how it affects our everyday interactions (with guys talking about the dumbest things and calling it a conversation or "bonding"; while the ladies share with each other everything they know).

I suppose I should stop calling them 'characters', because they really feel more like people.

If there's any concern that Love, Supermoon tells a good story to compensate for bad audiovisual, worry no more because that's not the case at all! If anything, it's quite a feat that they're able to present a lived-in looking environment, spanning from the '90s to present time; and those with sharper eyes and ears would find plenty to smile (and nod appreciatively) about.

So yeah, it seems that we have a string of hits lately; from Polis Evo, to Jwanita, and then this film. Do watch all three to restore your faith in local movies. I just have a strong feeling that these three are gonna have quite a bit of staying power, and could also be the best thing we're gonna see for the next year or so. Maybe.

Well, what can I say? I love Supermoon, too!


eJAI said... Polis Evo review???

Mamü Vies said...

Polis Evo was superb!!

Mostly raved about it on my Twitter. Seeing it breach the RM 10 million mark in three weeks made me feel like I don't need to review it, though I will reference it from time to time; 'cause it's exactly the kind of movie I've been saying we need.

Mamü Vies said...

In fact, I've already referenced it here.

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